Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Rusthon 1.0 Release Comming Soon

After almost two years of development, Rusthon is nearing the stable 1.0 release. The project originally began with my fork of PythonScript by Amirouche, who had written a two-pass transpiler that was easy to understand and modify. PythonScript was then renamed to PythonJS, and optimized for speed. Early benchmarks tests showed that many dynamic pythonic features would have to be thrown away, because of the high performance overhead. The minimal python syntax that evolved over several months, ended up having many of the same behavior and rules that Alexander Tsepkov's RapydScript also had.

Rusthon is now fully regression tested, you can see the source and output of the tests that transpile and execute without errors below. The syntax has been almost fully unified for each of the backends, the syntax developed for the Go and C++ backends has made its way back into the JavaScript backend to provide the same kind of type safety and new features.

JavaScript Regression Test Results

Native Backend Regression Test Results

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  1. Hi,

    Do you think its possible to add Arduino programming on Rusthon, so we can write program for Arduino/AVR using python/rusthon syntax.