Sunday, September 6, 2015

FullStack NoSQL on SQL

There are several full-stack frameworks for python like: Django, Web2Py, and CherryPy. This PDF from the Web2Py docs has a pretty good overview of these frameworks, see web2py_vs_others.pdf. What you will notice with these frameworks is they each have their own fucked up way of embedding code and logic into HTML templates. These huge frameworks try to hide the details of the object relational mapping and database, but in doing so force you to use their HTML template language. Andy Shora has some interesting insights on full-stack dev, check out

Writing a full-stack system in Rusthon is pretty simple, this demo is just 300 lines and includes: backend, database, and frontend. See source code here. The HTML is raw and can be easily integrated with modern solutions like Angular.js. By not having some huge framework in your way, you can directly code the server to send data in the way you want, with whatever ad-hoc protocol you choose. In this demo all data is moved around over a websocket, and both clients are kept in sync with the server and database in realtime.

The Python library Dataset is used to hide all the SQL, and provides a NoSQL like solution in combination with property getter/setters on the client side, you never have to worry about directly writing SQL code.

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