Sunday, September 20, 2015


What is killing RapydScript in the Fannkuch benchmark? I am not sure, looking over the output from RapydScript, it looks almost the same as Rusthon, except for the way it performs array slicing, could that be the cause of the slow down? See the transpiled code here: RapydScript output and Rusthon output

What about Brython?

Brython is another python to javascript transpiler that claims to be fast, see their FAQ here, there they claim it is "somewhere between 3 to 5 times slower"... this is complete bullshit, nice try guys. I wanted to include Brython in these benchmarks, but Brython is so fucking slow, it is not even practical to run benchmarks on it. I ran the fannkuch benchmark using Brython, and waited, and waited, and after a really long time, it finally finished, with an average time of 170seconds. Recall that Python3 completes fannkuch in 0.3seconds. Brython is about 560 times slower than regular CPython3, and 850 times slower than Rusthon.

update: I ran the Fannkuch benchmark again in Brython, this time unchecking the "debug" box, but the results were not much better, Brython still takes 150seconds. That makes it 500 times slower than CPython3.

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