Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Rusthon Team

There has been a sudden jump up in activity in development of Rusthon, the C++ backend is starting to work well, and we have a new literate markdown format to assemble and compile multiple languages. Three new developers have joined the project on Github, and are pushing commits at a very fast pace, today we have already reached 19 commits. The new developers are: Kud1ing, Shooza, and James Rubino. The best commit of the day goes to Shooza, who fixed a bug that had me totally stumped, here is his fix for calling C functions from the C++ backend, commit.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Python Burning

Want to use Python to make high performance mobile games? Forget about it, Python is not even officially supported on iOS. PyPy is not the solution either, its not working on iOS or Android. Python is embarrassingly slow and inefficient compared to compiled languages like C++. Power efficiency is a big concern on mobile, and it should be on the server side as well.

Python has become one of the most popular languages for server side programming. Running applications on perhaps hundreds of thousands of servers world wide. This is having a huge environmental impact, and nobody in the Python community is talking about it. The fact is that if those applications were rewritten in C++, Go or even JavaScript, it would require dramatically less power and less servers.

Save our planet by ditching the CPython interpreter now!

"Facebook, which is getting some negative PR on environmental issues, recently announced several green initiatives. Some of them are intuitive: getting employees to cut down on water usage, a shuttle bus, composting. Most intriguing, though, is one initiative to ensure that the very code written by Facebook's programmers is itself as green as possible, something achieved by converting Facebook's code from one language called PHP to another called C++."